AC 2 in 2020: Still a Master Piece?

2 min readJul 26, 2020
11 years go by quick…..

Assassin’s Creed 2… the beginning of a franchise(AC 1 doesn’t count) that moves further and further away from its roots. With AC: Valhalla coming out in a few months, now seems like the best time to relive this work of art that is AC 2 and deem whether it has stood the test of time.

Why was it a Masterpiece?

AC 1 pushed action games to new heights. With its stealth gameplay that wasn’t unique but was different. Taking place in historical environments, it did bring smiles into our young faces. Playing as Altair, an assassin in the Middle East showed a new scope of what open-world games could be like, which most people forget and instead spend time jumping off the highest building onto a haystack and magically survive.

Ah… Good times!

But as we all know, AC 1 had problems… it surely wasn’t perfect, with terrible voice-acting and stupid AI, but it did show us a new type of experience.

Now, when AC 2 released in 2009, Ubisoft must have been listening when we were mocking their reaction and so went and fixed all the issues we had with AC 1, changing the main character from Altair to Ezio, which we felt more comfortable playing as. Ezio’s revenge motive keeps us going through Ancient Italy, which was a welcome change to AC 1’s Jerusalem.

Worth Playing in 2020?

AC 2 was released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Playing it in 2020 doesn’t leave too much to be desired. Sure, the 3d models and lighting effects are terrible compared to AC: Odyssey or even Black Flag. But it seems like AC 2 still holds up to be one of the best AC games of all-time.

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