Among Us : The Indie game that’s taking over the internet

Oct 26, 2020

Developer Inner Sloth sure hit the jackpot this year, after their game, Among Us blew up in popularity this year. With over 3M followers on Twitch, Among Us now has a popularity that every few indie games can ever hope to gain, like Undertale and Cuphead.

What’s all the hub-ub about?

Among Us is a party game, focusing on deceit and deception. There are two teams — The Crewmates and the Imposters. The goal of the Crewmates is to finish their jobs across their ship, while the Imposters sabotage and kill off the Crewmates. This might seem fairly simple, but the mechanics of the game are so deep that it out of the scope of this article.


Anytime, one of the players finds the body of a player or hosts an emergency meeting, discussion time begins. Players, then try to find the imposter and vote him off the ship.


Among Us is a very out of place game in today’s scene of RTX and 4K supported games. It shows that games don’t need to look good to be fun, but need to be fun to play(I’m looking at you, EA). Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of popular indie sensations.




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