Is PHP That BAD?

2 min readSep 27, 2020

For years now, a stereotype held by the dev community of the world is that PHP is the WORST… period. A joke of a language!

But what we forget is that more than 79% of the internet uses it and most of our opinions are from the opinions of other’s. So let’s see what PHP brings to the table.

EZ Mode

PHP is one of the easiest languages to develop in, and that’s a fact! With support for HTML and JS inside PHP files, getting up and running in PHP takes a few minutes, as opposed to a few weeks for the ‘right’ way to develop on the web.

PHP reduces coding time and increases time for testing and debugging which is arguably a more crucial part of development.

What The Haters Say

PHP is said be to less secure as it uses more legacy coding methods.

To the haters I say, any poorly written code is vulnerable. With the advent of OOP into PHP, PHP is as secure as any other programming language.

In my Opinion, PHP is one of the best web dev languages

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