Halo CE in 2020: Still a Masterpiece?

3 min readJul 16, 2020

The Halo franchise brought so much to the gaming industry… It’s unnerving. Changing the shooter franchise for the better, Halo has been successful from its beginnings.

The original Halo released in 2001, with the caption Combat Evolved. Halo began as a real-time strategy game headed by Bungie studios. The Studios realised it was much more fun to control a single soldier in open-world environments compared to taking leadership of an army. The camera kept moving closer to this main character and ended as the shooter we all know and love today.

Halo CE was an excuse to buy an Xbox and buying an Xbox was an excuse to play Halo, the game and the console were very closely intertwined and both objects became synonymous with each other.

In 2020, the graphics of Halo CE can be called decrepit and aged. But with Halo Infinite coming to PC, now seems like a good time to revisit Halo CE — one of the only Halo games released on PC and relive the good old days, hours spent blasting Covenant scum to kingdom come.

Halo CE’s main character Master-Chief has become a gaming icon, no, a pop culture icon. With the easily recognizable green armour and energy shields. Just putting a picture of Master-Chief on a wall is sure to make any gamer feel at home(Something schools should keep in mind!)

The graphics might be old and underwhelming by today’s standards, but the mechanics haven’t changed much over the years. Sure, new weapons have been added and mechanics have been tweaked, but Halo CE reflects a much simpler time that has its own charm that can still be felt 19 years after its release.

The story of Halo was very well written and it is refreshing to see where the franchise started one last time before Halo Infinite comes out.

Halo Combat Evolved’s multiplayer is still active, with fan-made custom maps, mods and textures being released periodically Getting into a game is still easy to do and the community is still alive and kicking.

In 2020, Halo CE is definitely still a masterpiece.

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