My Review of Ubuntu 20.04 — The Discovery of the Penguin

3 min readAug 16, 2020

Let’s start

I’m a Windows user… period! But hear me out, For the last 5 years. I kept getting angry with Windows.. I had many of my PC’s BSoD’ing(Blue Screen Of Death) on me(Haven’t had one? You lucky dog!) and then, one day, while I was doing a little web development, My PC sputtered up and died. That was it, the last straw. I was armed with one mission and one mission alone…

I believed that there were professionals who did something about this, I thought. I knew about the big 2, Windows and Mac OS, and was about to go Hackintosh(even though I absolutely hate Macs) and then, this penguin in a tux showed me the way.

Of course, I knew what Linux was, a OS kernel… but that was it. I didn’t know it was open-source(if you can believe it). I didn’t know about how compatible it was. So, I got a Flash drive and made it bootable and got Ubuntu 20.04. After a relaxed 10 minutes, everything was finished.

I see this screen and read it carefully. It seemed that Ubuntu could be run off the USB without any change to the HDD? My mind was beginning to contemplate the meaning of Linux. Linux is freedom. It’s was like a ship to a pirate, wings for a bird, or even a plane for a pilot. I was finally free, free from huge companies who would suck out all my data without hesitation. Free from malware, viruses and hackers(well, not quite but you get the idea…). I move the mouse and find it really responsive. The cursor was moving 10s of times faster than Windows. I thought it was fast because it was just a new install. But I’ve been using Ubuntu for a month now and it hasn’t changed a bit.

Wine Is Not an Emulator!?

After a few days, I remembered what I lost for what I found. All those Windows apps and games, I knew would be sorely missed and was about to go for a dual-boot system, until I came upon WINE. Wine is a compatibility layer allowing Windows apps to run on Linux and I was mind-blown. I heard of Wine on Mac, but I kept running into problems with it. I got Wine and installed Lutris, a game manager(A brilliant application which I might review in the future) and then installed the Epic Games Store.

I expected a bunch of tinkering and spending a few hours on Reddit getting it to work, but Lutris kept asking me for all the dependencies I needed to install and then the Store opened up. All the games were playable(all of them except the ones guarded by anti-cheat) and the performance difference was very minimal.

The Verdict

Ubuntu 20.04 is an actual blast with customization and power, only a Linux user can know. This is the beginning of a Renaissance, with large companies like Google backing up Linux by using it in Stadia. This will kick Windows from the OS throne. Linux is by anyone and for everyone.

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