Super Smash Flash 2 — A Smash with Flash!?

Super Smash Flash 2. A sequel to the original Super Smash Flash made by McLeodGaming. A very controversial Flash game but it was fairly mediocre. Much like SSF2, the game could be played on the browser, but it was nothing more than just a Smash Clone made in Flash.

Come 2017 and McLeodGaming release their sequel SSF2. A fan-made game with so much fanservice that it rivalled what Nintendo was doing themselves. Note that the game is still a work in progress with the latest update dishing out All-Star Mode. One of the most fun any lone player can have with any official Smash game. Except, maybe online play. Oh, wait! SSF2 has that too.

SSF2’s online multiplayer isn’t exactly buttery smooth, with problems like laggy rooms leave a little more to be desired. Hopefully, the dev team will clean up their act with the final release.

This game isn’t a Smash clone, it’s become its own thing. The dev team themselves told us “think of SSF2 as a Frankenstein. We’re smashing together a “Greatest Hits” type deal with our engine, feel, and aesthetics, but we’re also taking our own creative liberties as well. “

SSF2 has all the game modes that any regular Smash provides like classic, all-star, events, and I strongly enjoy than Smash Brawl due to the liberties the creators took to make the game with characters not just from standard Smash games but also anime/manga characters like Goku from Dragon Ball, Naruto, Ichigo from Bleach and Luffy from One Piece. Seeing those characters in the roster absolutely blew my mind when I started up the game. Each character’s moveset has been tailored to represent their universe to gamers the world over. They added Waluigi! Something Nintendo themselves hadn’t brought up the courage to do. Nintendo could really learn a lesson or two from looking at SSF2

With a really active online community SSF2 is coming up to be one of the greatest Flash games of all time, at least until Flash loses support at the end of the year. Then, it’ll be one of the only Flash games available. Luckily, a downloadable version of the game is available allowing gamepad support for the OG gamers among us who like the feel of their Gamecube controllers while playing SSF2.

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